Manage Parking Spaces for Your Condominium, Gated Complex or Mall / Office

How ParkMate Works

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Provide data on residents, cars, parking spaces & users. Our team can help populate the secure cloud databases.
Manage parking spaces, owner credentials, guest traffic, guest parking, emergency parking, moving cars, search and other utility functions. Live happily.


Easiest Society/Condominium Parking Management Solution

  • Quickly see which parking space is allotted to you.
  • Check whose car is wrongly parked. Call them to move.
  • Verify owners & parking slots quickly.
  • Check if car parked is by resident / guest.
  • See how many parking spaces are free / occupied.
  • One touch call for any car owner.
  • Guards can call owners if door open, lights on or any other such eventuality.
  • Digital workflow for guest entry / exit.
  • Fully secure cloud based storage.
  • Useful analytics on traffic and guest movement for facilities management.
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