ParkMate is a simple mobile based solution to manage parking spaces in your condominium, gated complex or mall/office.

ParkMate helps all users check on car status, parking status, tracks vehicle in/out movement, guest in/out movement and provides valuable data for parking administrators.

ParkMate can be used by RWAs to manage condominium, gated complex vehicle movement and parking conflicts. It can also be used by offices and malls to track parking usage and in/out movement.

A RWA registers with ParkMate service and provides the data for residents, parking slots, cars, guards, office users and administrators.

Each user is provided a login/password to our app based tool. Apps are available for both iOS and Android.

Users use the app to manage day to day parking needs.

The most common conflict within condominium & gated complex is wrong parking. The guards are unable to track the visitor/resident who has wrongly parked the car and the owner of the parking faces hardship. Using ParkMate the user can quickly identify the vehicle owner and even call the owner immediately to move the car to another location.

Security is unaware of number of open, available spaces and ParkMate can help in that planning and deployment.

Guest movement is manually recorded. ParkMate can mate it digital and easier to track, aggregate & consolidate.

ParkMate is designed to help residents avoid conflicts on parking and to help security and RWA manage parking better.

It is one of the first mobile app based solutions for parking management.

We are constantly working on integrating new technology to ParkMate and make it super easy to use and navigate.

Yes, ParkMate is exclusively app only. Both iOS and Android apps are available from the stores. The apps are free. Your login/password will be created once your society registers to become a user.

Yes, ParkMate is a paid service with nominal cost per resident per month.

We offer a 15 day free trial to any RWA that wishes to check out the functionality.

The cost for ParkMate is based on # of users, # of parking spaces and cars. We offer builk payment discounts and also long-term discounts.

The actual cost per user per month will be a very low amount.

Use our contact form to send your contact details. Our teams will contact you and get the RWA contact details.

You can request a reset and your RWA admin can generate a new login/password combination for you. This will be delivered via SMS.

ParkMate supports a fully functional back-end that your RWA team can use to manage the life-cycle of parking and users. All support will be provided by ParkMate team to quickly enable all requests.

Yes. ParkMate understands that parking spaces can be rented by owners.


Easiest Society/Condominium Parking Management Solution

  • Quickly see which parking space is allotted to you.
  • Check whose car is wrongly parked. Call them to move.
  • Verify owners & parking slots quickly.
  • Check if car parked is by resident / guest.
  • See how many parking spaces are free / occupied.
  • One touch call for any car owner.
  • Guards can call owners if door open, lights on or any other such eventuality.
  • Digital workflow for guest entry / exit.
  • Fully secure cloud based storage.
  • Useful analytics on traffic and guest movement for facilities management.
Monthly Parking App
Overnight Parking Apps