Over the last 8 years, Pariksha has worked with several global customers and partners in US, Canada, Middle-East, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and UK; and delivered innovative services around:

We aspire to become the preferred product development partner to innovative startups and SME companies looking for top-notch India based talent with global product development processes and India-based costs.

We are trusted by our customers for our transparent and ethical business practices and willingness to go the extra mile to help our customers win.

Mission & Vision

Pariksha’s mission is to help startups and SMEs build great new products.

We recognize that great products require deep insights, technology awareness and UI design. We strive to work at the cutting edge of technologies within a limited set of domains so we can offer our customers the best value for their budgets.

Our Unique Differentiators

  • We are a small team but we are significantly differentiated from other providers as we have very senior engineers / architects in hands-on technical roles which give great leverage to our customers looking for top talent.
  • We have deep expertise in cloud, web, mobile and interactive UI technologies. We are always jumping on the latest in these domains to bring new solution ideas to our customers
  • We have the expertise, training and the orientation to understand your product/business nuances and deliver results you expect. Our cultural ‘mantra’ is to deliver the best productivity possible to our valued customers.
  • As an R&D partner, we work within the client’s budget, timelines, schedules and resource constraints to come up with optimal solutions that suit all stake-holders. Often, we have gone beyond our brief to solve an issue, pull external resources or ‘invest’ additional resources to ensure that your task GETS DONE!
  • Our management team is trained in global product development processes at large software companies; and has built and managed high-performance product development & testing / QA teams.


Easiest Society/Condominium Parking Management Solution

  • Quickly see which parking space is allotted to you.
  • Check whose car is wrongly parked. Call them to move.
  • Verify owners & parking slots quickly.
  • Check if car parked is by resident / guest.
  • See how many parking spaces are free / occupied.
  • One touch call for any car owner.
  • Guards can call owners if door open, lights on or any other such eventuality.
  • Digital workflow for guest entry / exit.
  • Fully secure cloud based storage.
  • Useful analytics on traffic and guest movement for facilities management.
Monthly Parking App
Overnight Parking Apps